Demolition Man Returns

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Sylvester Stallone has spent the latter part of his career largely revisiting his favorite characters of yesteryear, churning out multiple sequels featuring both Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. Now Stallone is hoping to bring John Spartan out of cold storage as well. According to Stallone's Instagram, he's currently working with Warner Brothers on a sequel to the 1993 sci-fi action flick Demolition Man. Check it out below - the relevant stuff starts around 05:45, but the whole thing is kind of awkwardly great.

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The original movie saw Stallone as a disgraced police officer who's wrongly convicted of murdering hostages and placed into cryogenic freeze, only to be thawed out 36 years later to help apprehend his old nemesis Simon Phoenix, played with pure sociopathic glee by a very blonde Wesley Snipes who one hundred percent steals the show. Demolition Man is one of the more underappreciated gems of Stallone's career and it's definitely worth your time. You can't help but love the movie's oddly charming vision of a sanitized future in which swearing is illegal, the radio only plays vintage jingles, and all food is Taco Bell. Also, toilet paper has been replaced by three seashells? It's a weird movie, but also lots of fun, featuring a pre-Speed Sandra Bullock and Denis Leary essentially playing himself - literally at one point the movie basically lets him just do a few mintues from No Cure For Cancer.

Look, what are the odds that we actually get a Demolition Man sequel 30 years after the original? Probably pretty slim, to be honest. Would I plunk down money to see one? You bet your ass I would. Let's face it, the world is a garbage place right now. Each day feels more dystopic than the last and there seems to be no end in sight. At this point, I think we could all use some more "joy-joy feelings" and Stallone might be just the guy to do it. You know, assuming that movie theaters are still a thing in the future.

Plus, at the rate things are going, we might want to start adopting Demolition Man's super weird and contactless high five protocol:


You can stream the original Demolition Man now on Hulu!


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